Dolphin Construction Co. was formed in 2009 and offers a complete surveying service to the architectural, engineering, solar energy and construction sectors.

DOLPHIN Construction Company (DCC) is a multi-disciplined firm providing specialty services to a broad range of clientele, including Central, State, and local Governmental Agencies, Architectural Firms, Contractors, Utility Companies, and Commercial Developers.

The experience of our professional staff, with the aid of sophisticated equipment, allows us to serve our clients with a minimum amount of personnel, and achieve efficient, accurate, and economical results. We offer unique solutions to your problems.

Specialization in the growing field of Professional Surveying and Designing allows our firm to undertake large and complex projects. The firm was founded on the premise that Consultancy was a growing field expanding in many directions. The equipment and methods available for measurement, storage, retrieval and computation of data is changing tremendously. With these new developments, surveying is expanding beyond the traditional engineering sciences to include other physical sciences such as geodesy, geology, geophysics and hydrology.

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